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KubeWeekly #152: 10th of October, 2018

The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week. 

Annual “CNCF Community Awards” Nominations Kick Off – Winners to be Recognized at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Seattle 
Kristen Evans, CNCF

Nominations are now open for the third-annual CNCF Community Awards – honoring those who have made the greatest impact over the last year in the cloud native space. Within our fast-growing project communities, there’s an incredible amount of talent, hard work and commitment worthy of recognition. So, if you know a deserving ambassador, maintainer and/or advocate working hard to advance cloud native innovation + serve the community, nominate them through this year’s awards.

Introducing the Non-Code Contributor’s Guide
Noah Abrahams,InfoSiftr; Jonas Rosland, VMware; Ihor Dvoretskyi, CNCF

The Non-Code Contributor’s Guide aims to make it easy for anyone to contribute to the Kubernetes project in a way that makes sense for them. This can be in many forms, technical and non-technical, based on the person’s knowledge of the project and their available time. Most individuals are not developers, and most of the world’s developers are not paid to fully work on open source projects. Based on this we have started an ever-growing list of possible ways to contribute to the Kubernetes project in a Non-Code way!

Deploy Your First Deep Learning Model On Kubernetes With Python, Keras, Flask, and Docker
Gus Cavanaugh, Anaconda, Inc.

This post demonstrates a basic example of how to build a deep learning model with Keras, serve it as REST API with Flask, and deploy it using Docker and Kubernetes. This is a quick guide for anyone out there who has heard about Kubernetes but hasn’t tried it out yet. Kubernetes makes it exceedingly easy to deploy, scale, and manage a REST API that serves up predictions.
New Webinar: Intro to Harbor

James Zabala – Open Source Lead, VMware
October 16 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT


The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code. 

How to Use Envoy as a Load Balancer in Kubernetes
Mark Vincze, Travix International

Support for Azure VMSS, Cluster-Autoscaler and User Assigned Identity
Krishnakumar R (KK), Microsoft; Pengfei Ni, Microsoft

Introducing Volume Snapshot Alpha for Kubernetes
Jing Xu, Google; Xing Yang, Huawei; Saad Ali, Google

Kubernetes | Deploying Prometheus Operator
Zeieshan Ahmed, Curve

How to Generate Certificates for Kubeadm with Vault
Björn Wenzel, Schenker AG

Kubernetes Resource Statistics
Michael Hausenblas, Red Hat 

Autoscaling Applications on Kubernetes – A Primer
Tom Kerkhove, Codit

Deploy Machine Learning Models with GKE and Dataiku
Longhow Lam

Dave Kerr, McKinsey & Company​

Tooling Spotlight:
  • KubeFuse allows you to navigate and edit Kubernetes resources as a file system
  • kubehost exposes services directly on nodes of your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster
  • kube-score performs static code analysis of your Kubernetes YAML definitions
  • krs exposes Kubernetes resource statistics in OpenMetrics format

The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and morethatgive you a high-level overview of challenges and features. 

Kubernetes v1.12: Introducing RuntimeClass
Tim Allclair, Google

Kubernetes Is a Prime Catalyst in AI and Big Data’s Evolution
James Kobielus , SiliconANGLE

Cloud Foundry Expands its Support for Kubernetes
Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

Spinnaker, with Steven Kim
Craig Box & Adam Glick , Google

Podcast: All Things Kubernetes with Scott Lowe
Dwayne Lessner & Angelo Luciani, Nutanix

Making the Bet on Open Source
Laurent Bride, Talend

Kubernetes 1.12 Brings Volume Snapshots, TLS Improvements, and More
Diogo Carleto, InfoQ

Imperative vs Declarative
Andrew Chen, Google; Dominik Tornow,SAP Labs

Container Security Starts with Kubernetes
Todd Morneau, JAXenter

Docker And Kubernetes: Furthering The Goals Of DevOps Automation
Aater Suleman, Forbes
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