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KubeWeekly #137: 13th of June, 2018

The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week. 

Configuring Kubernetes Cluster Federation to Create a Global Deployment 
Janakiram MSV, The New Stack

Cluster federation in Kubernetes takes the concept of high availability to the next level by making clusters resilient. Multiple distributed clusters can be federated to ensure that the workload is available in at least one cluster. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to configure a federated cluster that spans Kubernetes clusters running in three continents — Asia, Europe, and America..

Dynamic Ingress in Kubernetes
Richard Li, Datawire

One of the key challenges with microservice architecture is dynamically routing ingress traffic to each of these services. One approach is Ambassador, a Kubernetes-native open source API Gateway built on the Envoy Proxy. Ambassador is designed for dynamic environment where services may come and go frequently. This article walks you through how to use Ambassador with Kubeflow to easily manage routing with Kubernetes annotations.

Four Years After Its Release, Kubernetes Has Come a Long Way
Ron Miller, Techcrunch

On June 6th, 2014 Kubernetes was released for the first time. At the time, nobody could have predicted that 4 years later that the project would become a de facto standard for container orchestration or that the biggest tech companies in the world would be backing it. This article takes a look back at Kubernetes evolution over the last 4 years.
New Webinar: Role based access control (RBAC) policies in Kubernetes

Javier Salmeron – Computer Engineer, Bitnami
June 19 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT


The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code. 

Preview of Visual Studio Kubernetes Tools
Lisa Guthrie, Microsoft

Kubernetes: From Fear to Functions in 20 Minutes
Robbie Page, SevenCorners

Git freedom on Kubernetes
Murat Karslioglu, CloudByte

Exploring Upgrade Strategies for Stateful Sets in Kubernetes
Ajay Nemade, Velotio

Kubernetes, the easy way
David Drooling, Atomist

Kubernetes: Fixing Delayed Service Endpoint Updates
Hank Jacobs, Dollar Shave Club

Deploy a scalable web application to Kubernetes using Helm
Vidyasagar Machupalli, IBM

Configure Helm TLS communication with multiple Kubernetes clusters
Maor Friedman, CodeValue

How to deploy your first pod on a CentOS Kubernetes cluster
Jack Wallen, TechRepublic

Single node kubernetes cluster setup with Ansible
Mahadev Gaonkar, Capgemini

The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and morethatgive you a high-level overview of challenges and features. 

4 Years of K8s
Joe Beda, Heptio

Beyond Docker and Kubernetes: The container ecosystem continues to evolve
Daniel Robinson, ComputerWeekly

Mesos and Kubernetes: It’s Not a Competition
Swapnil Bhartiya, TFiR

Hello from the Argo team… Kubernetes DAGs & Workflows for Machine Learning
Mukulika Kapas, Intuit

Monitoring Docker and Kubernetes With New Relic
Ali Gerrard, New Relic

“Kubernetes is becoming central to cloud adoption”: More innovation coming
Dominik Mohuki, JaxENTER; Ramon Guiu, New Relic

How Cisco Is Expanding Its Container and Kubernetes Efforts
Sean Kerner, eWeek

Evolution of the AppDirect Kubernetes Network Infrastructure
Alexandre Gervais, AppDirect

GCP vs. AWS: Which is better for using with Kubernetes or Terraform?
Volodymyr Fedak, IT Svit

Announcing Application Load Balancing for Kubernetes
Akshay Mathur, A10 Networks

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